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Howden WRV 204 Compressor Service, Repair, and Overhaul











Model: WRV 204

Howden WRV oil-injected screw compressors:

Double-walled casing design, robust, proven and highly reliable oil injected range, which includes the world’s largest capacity oil injected screw compressors. Howden’s WRV range of screw compressors are well proven, offer high reliability and versatility, and are designed for a wide range of applications. Howden’s WRV range of screw compressors are well proven, offer high reliability and versatility, and are designed for a wide range of applications.

The WRV series is available in a wide choice of capacities, extending to the largest capacity oil-injected screw compressors in the world. WRV compressors use a double-walled casing for outstanding reliability and robustness, providing low noise, high pressure performance throughout their long operational life.
Through our range of dedicated compressor companies, Howden brings together unparalleled experience and expertise in all aspects of gas compression equipment, with unique skills and unmatched reputation in areas where toxic, corrosive or unstable gases present added complications. In any sector, in every application where reliable, round the clock operation is paramount, Howden innovation and technology keeps the world’s industries running.

Features and benefits of our WRV range include:

* Sleeve Type Journal Bearings: Long operational life span.
* Double Wall Construction: Low operating noise and suitable for high pressure application.
* Optional Material of Construction: Flexibility to match project specification (e.g. API 619).
* Shaft Seal Options: Variety of high quality gas seal options.
* Range of Capability: Probably the most comprehensive range of capacity available.
* Installed Compressors: More than 25,000 WRV compressors installed worldwide.

Product Ratios:

WRV 255 6 L/D ratios
WRV 321 4 L/D ratios
WRV 365 2 L/D ratios
WRV 510 3 L/D ratios

SCS Screw Compressors Specialist Parts and Repair


Let us determine the extent of your problem, give you a full report, and best plan of action to get your compressor up and running as soon as possible. SCS does offer 24/7 around the clock repairs to eliminate your downtime. In some case you could be eligible for SCS exchange program offering a very quick turnaround. SCS Screw Compressors Specialist offers free screw compressor inspections for the following brands:

Trusted Compressor Overhaul and Rebuild Company. SCS Screw Compressor Repair has been servicing Screw Compressors for more than 30 years. Started working with RECO in 1985, Previous Owner Operator of RCS Refrigeration Components Service and Currently Own and operate SCS Screw Compressors Specialist.


SCS shop is equipped with all necessary tools and equipments - crane, forklift, special tool, etc. SCS tear down table has a building oil rail drain to catch all oil drain from compressor during disassembly so there is no oil on the floor that may cause slip and fall. PPE is always available for everyone. Safety training are done year round – safety certifications is required to work in the job site.

Hotshot Pickup & Delivery Services

24/7 Nationwide Hotshot Delivery Service to and from the location of the compressor needing repair.


Overhaul of the Largest Howden Screw Compressors in the United States