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GEA Grasso LT XD Series Compressor Sales













Screw Compressor Overhaul Procedure:

GEA GRASSO Screw Compressor Sale Models

GEA GRASSO LT XD Series Screw Compressor Sales:


Let us determine the extent of your problem, give you a full report, and best plan of action to get your compressor up and running as soon as possible. SCS does offer 24/7 around the clock repairs to eliminate your downtime. In some case you could be eligible for SCS exchange program offering a very quick turnaround. SCS Screw Compressors Specialist offers free screw compressor inspections for the following brands:

Trusted Compressor Overhaul and Rebuild Company. SCS Screw Compressor Repair has been servicing Screw Compressors for more than 30 years. Started working with RECO in 1985, Previous Owner Operator of RCS Refrigeration Components Service and Currently Own and operate SCS Screw Compressors Specialist.


SCS shop is equipped with all necessary tools and equipments - crane, forklift, special tool, etc. SCS tear down table has a building oil rail drain to catch all oil drain from compressor during disassembly so there is no oil on the floor that may cause slip and fall. PPE is always available for everyone. Safety training are done year round – safety certifications is required to work in the job site.

Hotshot Pickup & Delivery Services

24/7 Nationwide Hotshot Delivery Service to and from the location of the compressor needing repair.

Large Series Screw Compressor Sale (LT XD Series) Technical Features:

• Optimized main rotor dimensions result in high COP values
• High COP values for full and part load operation thanks to stepless Vi part load control with tandem slide system (TS system)
• Extremely long service life
• Compact and simple design for modern package installations and easy maintenance

Highlights & Technical Features:

*Swept volume 805 to 11,467 m³/h
*GEA specified rotor profile for industry leading COP
*Excellent noise and vibration characteristics in all operating conditions
*Extremely long product life
*Rotors with antifriction and sleeve bearings for maximum loads
*Stepless capacity and Vi control by tandem slide system
*Field replaceable axial bearings
*Designed for NH₃ and all other common refrigerants
*Available according to API 619 and ISO 10440 standard

Screw Compressor- type¹( Swept volume²) (m³/h) 28 bar compressor²) (kW) 52 bar compressor²):

(kW)Cooling³) NH₃ -35/+35 °C Cooling NH₃ 0/+35 °C Cooling CO₂ -50/-5 °C Heating NH₃ +35/+80 °C

P 805 201 772 851 2.345
R 1.040 260 997 1.100 2.992
S 1.290 322 1.236 1.391 3.720
T 1.460 364 1.399 1.574 4.198
V 1.740 443 1.690 1.870 5.051
W 1.990 506 1.932 2.138 5.795
Y 2.390 608 2.321 2.568
Z 2.748 700 2.670 2.953 7.905
XA 3.250 827 3.157 3.528
XB 4.150 1.060 4.030 4.659 12.329
XC 4.900 1.247 4.759 5.318
XD 5.800 1.476 5.634 6.295
XE 7.110 1.788 6.825 7.550
XF 8.560 2.135 8.148
XG 9.807 2.520 9.615
XH 11.467 2.946 11.244